The new comfort


HAYK Hamburg’s quintessential trademark is the perfect fit of our signature New Level Boxer Briefs. We dedicate our work to the individual needs of each client. To ensure this we have fitted and tested our product on various body types.

After pattern adjustments, we make sure that a custom-made fit is ensured that provides excellent comfort and accurate fit. These 7-8 trials and fittings are more than compared to the average underwear but are necessary to deliver an extraordinary feeling.

Experience the difference


Additional comfort due to additional features

Plain and simple: comfort is a matter of technique. And we worked tirelessly on ours.

The result: A unique and functional pouch in the front center avoids friction on the scrotum and still provides liberating space for your favorite part. The precise cut of the front ensures that your testicles are positioned comfortably away from your leg area to avoid unpleasant pressure.

For superior comfort, we use a soft cover-seam in all of our Next Level Boxer Briefs.

It fits – no matter why

Due to pattern insert between the front and back panel our Next Level Boxer Brief has a phenomenal and athletic three-dimensional fit. This way we avoid slipping or friction on the legs and can provide a long-lasting and easy way of wearing.

The Next Level Box with its two back site-seams is especially suitable for men that are used to briefs and would like to commit to boxers briefs

Top materials, intelligently combined

The wovens used for the boxer briefs are tested on elasticity and durability.

For our waistband, we use an elastane with a high-quality microfiber on the inside which with its soft feel on the inside does not cut into the body but respects sensitive skin.

Transparent silicon inserts within the seams of the suspensory pouch create a harmonic form and deliver more support.

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